Innovative and multifunctional composites for sustainable structures are advanced composite materials based on the use of local resources (cement, which is made in Latvia, aggregates, additives, wood and textile plants etc.).   Research in the construction science and material science will focus on the effective application of the improved materials in constructions (hydrotechnical structures, public buildings) as well as infrastructure construction projects (roads, bridges and airports).

The main idea of the cement composite is the interaction of the high strength cement, which has been modified in the micro and nano levels, with the local aggregates and fillers as well as dispersed reinforcement.

Advanced cement composites are multi-component mixes requiring a new approach to the production and casting technologies. Therefore, for implementing the use of these materials thus contributing to the national economy, it is planned to develop production technologies of cement composites, which would use the existing concrete production facilities, for example, HC Betons, thus significantly improving the technological process in order to ensure dosage, efficient mixing and transportation for the multi-component mixes.

Although the obtained results are useful for the national economy, the previous research is incomplete due to the lack of sufficient research on permanence and corrosion resistance of cement matrix as well as possibilities to improve its corrosion resistance. For many infrastructure projects in Latvia imported cement having higher corrosion resistance than the local one has been used.

An important property of the advanced cement composites, which has not been an object of research so far, is their performance under high temperatures in case of fire followed by its sharp decline.   Particular attention should be paid to this aspect thinking about safety of people in buildings and infrastructure objects, which would be build using high strength cement composites.  Therefore, reactions to fire of the advanced composites are one of the most important directions for research, which will be taken in the nearest future by attracting other funding from Latvia and the EU.

In the framework of this project, it is planned to create high performance asphalt concrete mixes for binder course and base course pavement layers by using local dolomite as an aggregate. It is planned to draw proposals, which will be based on the obtained research results, for inclusion in the Latvian Road Specification of this asphalt concrete and its components.