In the framework of the National Research Programme “Inovative Materials and Smart Technologies for Environmental Safety (IMATEH)” interdisciplinary group of researchers will be established to find solutions to important problems related to development of the Construction sector of the national economy simultaneously promoting knowledge and technology transfer in the economy, increasing Latvian public safety and security, and promoting economic restructuring in accordance with the Smart Specialisation Strategies.

A group of young scientists will consist of young scientists as well as doctoral and master’s students up to 70% therefore the National Research Programme directly contributes to the higher education development processes and creation of a new generation of scientists. It isalso planned to create international master’s study programmes which will be based on academic experience.

In the framework of the National Research Programme the Group’s international reputation and competitiveness will be strengthened by the involvement of its members into new EU funded projects, such as Horizon 2020 (Apvarsnis 2020) program, projects in cooperation with the Joint Research Centre as well as the scientific projects which are significant in order to contribute to the development of the national economy and to increase its competitiveness.

National Research Programme stresses importance of cooperation with companies from relevant industries by conducting research aimed at improving competitiveness and educating young specialists.

Public information activities will be launched about the goals and results of the National Research Programme; therefore building awareness in the society about the role of the respective sector of the national economy and its contribution to resolving problems which are important for the society.